Teddy Afro broke his silence to show solidarity with another new breed leader – PM Abiy

Teddy and Abiy are the two new breed leaders I’ve been reviewing their leadership qualities. One is from art while another from politics.

In every field and sector, Ethiopia in particular and Africa at large desperately need such new breed leaders to turn the tide and experience a sustainable change in the 21st C. The severity of the challenges the continent is facing and the unparalleled opportunities the new era presents requires raising new breed leaders. What is encouraging is that we start to witness signs of collaboration among new breed leaders in Africa.

Recently, I read Teddy Afro’s powerful endorsement of PM Abiy. Teddy has tried his best not to interject himself directly into the political affairs of his beloved country even if the previous government had been dragging him into politics. The show of support Teddy demonstrated attracted my attention because these two leaders are the kinds of new breed leaders our country and Africa urgently need.

I can imagine the struggle Teddy went through to draft that letter. I’m sure. It took courage for him to leave the art lane and singing about his messages for a while, break his silence, and extend his support formally to a politician. Not that Teddy is afraid of any repercussion that may emanate from his show of public support. He had passed that line a long time ago and he is a hero who was willing to pay whatever price to live up to the expectations of his values of love, tolerance, unity, and forgiveness. However, if you’re in Teddy’s place, you too might battle before you issue such a stand supporting a leader of a political party. I’m glad that Teddy showed solidarity with Abiy! They’re two-sides of the same coin. They share lots of things in common…

Actually, this is high time the few new breed leaders to support one another and show solidarity. The more they compliment one another and create synergy, the more they attract more new breed leaders that will take their respective community and nation to the next level of progress.

Poverty, conflict, ignorance, corruption, poor governance, and dictatorship are in trouble because new breed leaders are winning everywhere! New Dawn Era for Africa!As Obama once used to say, “The wind of righteousness” is sweeping across Africa. The wind of righteousness is with the new breed leaders!

What are you waiting for? Join the train! Unite with these few elite new breed leaders and play your leadership contributions wherever you are now and according to your purpose and passion!

The change that must transform your community, and ultimately Africa demands your proactive roles. It cannot happen, even if it happens somehow, it cannot be sustainable without enough new breed leaders. History is calling on you. What would be your response?

You cannot just stand at the sidelines applauding and cheering for these few new breed leaders. Do you love and care about them and share what they stand for? The best support you can give them is to roll your sleeves up and play your leadership role where you have the talent, expertise, and experience!

The hour of Ethiopia’s, and of course Africa’s,restoration has finally come! And, you’re one of the vital players in this historic and once in a generation movement!You’re a candidate to become one of the great world changes. You have a unique chance to join these new breed leaders. What you need to do is find your passion, cause, and give yourself for it 100% to serve others. It’s your source of greatness! It distinguishes you… If you go all-in, it launches you to a high frequency where you won’t experience suffocation at all. When you fly at that distinctive frequency, you fly high and spread your wing freely.

You have a chance to become great like Teddy and Abiy who are on their unique path. Find your own lane and impact your community using your uniqueness, and leave a mark this and generations will remain thankful.

Dr. Assegid Habtewold is an organizational and leadership expert and author, and the founder of PRO Leadership Global (www.proleadership.org). Assegid can be reached at: ahabtewold@yahoo.com

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  1. Mohammed Abdi says:

    Dear writer
    Yes Tedi is a talented man. But a
    UnEthiopian. I said this because he was never extended his helping hand to the 700,000 Ethiopian Oromo displaced from Jijiga. I just tried to communicated him to extending his helping hand even through Charity Organization. He kept silent that is why i said he is unethiopian who make money or fortune through his songs. So forward him this message and if he want he can contact us

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