“Doing the same things and expecting different results is INSANITY”

For the better part of 25 years we Ethiopians have watched as the TPLF has mutilated, killed, tortured, and destroyed our citizens and systematically torn apart our country. They have one sole mission, which is to completely and utterly destroy the country while propping up and developing Tigray. The evidence is quite clear for those who follow the goings on in the country that there is a clear systematic dismantling of resources and institutions that are in non Tigray areas. There are countless examples and I will not go into the details.

For the better part of 25 years the people at home first and foremost and overseas have tried to make their voices heard in a mostly peaceful manner. The answer was given during the 2005 elections when the people of Ethiopia came out in droves and overwhelmingly voted out the TPLF. We all know what happened next and the bitter repression that was instituted on the citizens for daring to make their voices heard.

A famous man once said “how many rivers do we have to cross before we can talk to the boss”.  When are we going to say enough is enough and answer force with force. Oromo, Amhara, Anuak, Afar and so many others are being put in prison, tortured and killed by TPLF. We have so many political parties that it is hard for a mere Ethiopian like me and others to keep up. Yes these organizations are trying to do their best to be the voice of the people they represent. I would argue that we must have one organization if there is to an effective force against the TPLF.  I urge all these opposition forces to stop talking about unity and actually form a united force that is ready to fight fire with fire. The TPLF will never ever give up power peacefully so all opposition should stop tip toeing around the elephant in the room. TPLF understands only one language… FORCE.

There is no government in the west who will negotiate or deal with a dispersed and in incoherent group. This is what we are currently when there are so many organizations. All of these organizations must come together form one coalition party. Then go fight the TPLF using specific strategies. Don’t rely on any government or organization in the west. No one is going to come to the rescue of the Ethiopian people except Ethiopians. The violation of human rights and civil liberties IS NOT and I repeat IS NOT a priority of western governments. They could care less about Ethiopians dying. Some examples in the past are East Timor, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. Look around and there are many repressive governments that are actively and passively being supported by western governments. A few other examples are Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt who repress their people and receive millions and billions dollars of aid for military and surveillance.  It is nice and interesting to talk to western supporters of the Ethiopian cause and it should be done. But please do not be fooled into a false sense of security that these interviews and articles will do much. I sincerely do hope they do make a dent but my sense is that it is similar to throwing a pebble in the ocean. This is because the policy makers in the west have specific and targeted interests and triggers will cause them to act. First and foremost triggers are resources and second is geopolitical stability. My observations and readings is the consistent policy of the west is that they will support dictators as long as their multi-national companies can come in and do business, whatever the cost.

Must we not speak the same language in order to understand each other? Then let us speak the same language as the TPLF. The two languages the TPLF knows is the barrel of the gun and their addiction to the money from the corruption.  Cutting off the source of funds is a colossal effort because that would mean going up against the IMF, World Bank  and many other institutions.  Then we are left with the former, which is what organizations like Ginbot7 Patriotic front, ONLF and others are doing.

So I plead to all organizations and parties as a simple Ethiopian, it is your responsibility to form one unity party. Are we going to wait until the TPLF dismantles the country and divide the people even more? Do this and you will have the support of the millions of Ethiopians in the diaspora. It is insane for there to be 10 different parties and expect to win anything.  Don’t do this and you will continue to fail and continue having meetings after meetings and empty resolutions by the US congress while the TPLF continues it’s grip.

I have been back to Ethiopia several times, and I can say that the people of all groups and walks of life are ready. All they need is a united force and leaders with one voice. I am neither a professor nor a party leader so I speak for the common person. We say to the opposition first unite and then figure out a strategy and we are with you. Otherwise sit and watch as our country disintegrates. “NO MORE TALKING & NEGOTIATING WITH TPLF”

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